Dancing on the Air: the Teenarama Story

Dancing on the Air: the Teenarama Story is an upbeat musical reimagination of the history-making Teenarama Dance Party Television show. The Teenarama Dance Party, launched in 1963 by Washington, DC’s WOOK-TV, was one of the nation’s first and most successful African American teen dance shows of the era. Its teen dancers, creators, and iconic musical legends that graced its studio experienced groundbreaking triumphs amid challenging times in American history and in the small fledgling middle-class black community in Washington, DC. Music and dance are laced throughout this powerful story, inspired by true events and underscored by segregation, colorism, and the universal trials of being a teenager.

North Capital

North Capital is the story of Lester King, a mature Washington, DC resident and former owner of the city’s premier chicken wing establishment of the 1990s, King’s Wings. During the current trend of gentrification in DC, he finds the changes in his business, community, and family very difficult to navigate. Forced to choose between weathering the changes or cleaving to the glory of his heyday and long-standing values, Lester is in a position where he could win or lose it all. This musical takes its participants on a journey through Washington, DC’s history and speaks to its placement in history today.


Pardon is a contemporary musical that chronicles the story of Jo Jo, a man released after serving several years in prison. During his incarceration, Jo Jo became a born-again Christian and emerged from his imprisonment determined to live a better life. Jo Jo seeks comfort and a new start at the home and church of his aunt, but finds himself in a two-fronted war between the hypocrisy of the church and the pull of his illicit past. Pardon is underscored by a bold musical score that spans gospel, funk, go-go, and lyrical.

Good Luvin’

Good Luvin’ tells the story of a group of lady friends, each looking for love in their way, and finding it in a way that none of them expected. This story of love, friendship, self-reflection, and spiritual growth is funny, sassy, and full of drama. With a deeply moving, soulful music score, Good Luvin’ has left audiences dancing in their seats while inspired by its message of finding true love.